Vijaygarh jyotish ray college

Affiliated Under University of Calcutta. Registered under 2f & 12B of UGC Act Under Graduate with Post Graduate Courses, Re-Accredited by NAAC (3rd Cycle) (Grade - A); Funded by RUSA; DBT-BOOST, Ranked in NIRF, AISHE

(ISO 9001:2015 Certified )



1.      “The Amazing Evolution of Animation – a remarkable
tool for Educators”, Published in the book “MEDIA TEACHING”, ISBN 978-93-81669-84-6

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7.      Published paper titled "Dalshin Africay Bigyan Gyapaner Itihas (1800 - 2017): ekti paryalochana" in "Itihas Anusandhan",vol -33,pp 925- 933, by "Paschimbanga Itihas Samsad"

8.      Contributed chapter in the book titled "Bharat Bhagini Margaret Noble", page 113- 126, ISBN: 978-81-927505-4-5

9.      Published article titled “Bigyan jgyapone samajik gonomadhyamer bhumika : ekush sotoker prekhapote Bharoter obsthan” in Banglai Bigyaner prochar, jonpriyokoron o prosar, Vigyan Prasar, ISBN : 978-81-7480-322-1

10.  Published the book “Introduction to New Media”, Rupali Publication, ISBN: 978-81-952224-7-6

11.  Several write ups based on Science Communication and Journalism in “Kalantor Patrika”.