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Papers presented in Conferences / Seminars by Dr. Bulbul Biswas

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XXI Annual Conference of Environmental Mutagen Society of India on Environmental Pollutants

Environmental Mutagen Society of India, Mumbai.



Assessment of arsenic toxicity in crop plants in the Eastern India using cytogenetic endpoints. (1998)

Issues in Environmental Pollution

Denver, USA



Micronucleus test as indicator of clastogenic effects of arsenicals on plants in vivo. (1996)

(Awarded for best paper)

International Conference on Plants & Environmental Pollution

Lucknow, India




XXI Annual Conference of Environmental Mutagen Society of India on Environmental Pollutants.

Environmental Mutagen Society of India, Madras and Pondicherry, India




XXI Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Human Genetics

Indian Society of Human Genetics, Calcutta, January.



Cytotoxic effects of arsenic salts on plant following chronic exposure. (1995)

Third International Congress of Toxicology in Development Countries.

Cairo, Egypt




79th Session of Indian Science Congress Association,

Indian Science Congress Association, Vadodara,82nd Session at Calcutta, India.



Effects of arsenic salts on plant test systems. (1993)

Sixth International Conference on Environmental Mutagens,

Melbourne, Australia




1.      Plant Genomic DNA – organised by Scottish Church College in collaboration with Bose Institute on 5th & 6th May 2009.

2.      B.Sc. Practical syllabus (Plant Geography, Ecology, Evolution, Economic Botany, Genetics) organised by Probir Chatterjee Research Foundation in collaboration with CAS, Department of Botany, University of Calcutta from 4th to 6th March 2020.

3.  State level workshop on basic cell biology techniques on november 25/26 2022 orginaised by City College of Kolkata & University of Calcutta, Department of Botany



1.      IP awareness /training program under National intelluactual property awareness mission on January 07, 2022 organized by Intellectual property officer, India.

2.      Pledge on data privacy and creating a secure cyberspace for the state and the country on 28th January 2022.

3.      Webinar on “Techniques for estimating nucleic acid and determination of nuclear frequencies”.Surendra Nath college on 2nd March2021

4.      International Webinar series ,session I “From microbes to plants: its biology all the way: Refreshment Amidst the pandemic Gloom” June 26 2020, Dept of Botany, Microbiology,IQAC, Vijoygarh Jyotish Ray college

5.      Session II of National webinar lecture series on Biodiversity on “Intelluctual property right in perspective of Biodiversity in India” in Vijoygarh Jyotish Ray college on 25 th of June 2025.

6.      International Webinar series , session II “From microbes to plants: its biology all the way: Refreshment Amidst the pandemic Gloom” June 28 2020, Dept of Botany, Microbiology,IQAC, Vijoygarh Jyotish Ray

7.      “Digital training on content developmentfor online classes” organized in Vijoygarh Jyotish Ray college 3rd July 2020.

8.      One day National level E-workshop awareness program on National digital library of India on 24 th July  IQAC,2020  Vijoygarh Jyotish Ray college.

9.      One day International conference on “Gene expression-themomentous keyword during this century” on July 25, 2020, Bangabasi College Kolkata.

10.  One day International webinar on “Science, Biology and World’s Future” organized by the department of Botany in collaboration with IQAC Dinobandhu Andrews college on 25th August 2020

11.  One day National webinar on “role of indigenous traditional knowledge and herbal drugs in combating against pandemic covid-19” held on 11th September, 2020 organised by Dept of Botany, Vijoygarh Jyotish Ray college&IQAC

12.  One week online faculty development programmeson “Educational video creation(E-content development) for 7 days, 21 st September 2020 to 27 th  September 2020.

13.  One day national level E workshop on “Qualitative Metrics and Quantitative metrics:Data validation for assessment HeI by NAAC, 3rd November, 2020.