Vijaygarh jyotish ray college

Affiliated Under University of Calcutta. Registered under 2f & 12B of UGC Act Under Graduate with Post Graduate Courses, Re-Accredited by NAAC (3rd Cycle) (Grade - A); Funded by RUSA; DBT-BOOST, Ranked in NIRF, AISHE

(ISO 9001:2015 Certified )

Seminar/Conference/Workshop Attended

International / state level webinar

1. "in search of origin, Prevention and Possible cure for Covid 19"Session I,II,III Dated- 18,19, 28th July,2020 ---Department of Microbiology

2. "Natural Disaster & Our Social Life" --- State Level Webinar 6th July,2020

3. " Indian Mass Media with Special reference to New Media"-- 28th July.

4.Bollywood: Past Challenges and Effects of the Pandemic" ---9th August,2020--- Department of History

5."Changing Consumer Behaviour during Pandemic Situation"- 21st December, 2021------- Department of Commerece

6. Dynamic and Reflection of Environmental Awareness in Indian Philosophy-- 14th December,2021--- Departmentb of Philosophy

E-workshop Online/ Offline

1. "Awareness Programme on National Digital Library of India"-- 24th july,2020

2. Qualitative Metrics and Quantitative Metrics" Awareness Trainning Programme---3rd November,2020

3. National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission---7th January,2022


Offline workshop

1. Teacher's Workshop on Paper viii B- 20th August,2016

2. Orientation Programme for teachers "A talk on Promotion of research"-31st July,2017

3.  "Workshop on Academic Audit"- IQAC---- 9th September, 2019


1. "Dynamic and Reflection of Environmental Awareness in Indian Philosophy" ---14th December,2021 ---- Department of Philosophy

2.  "Values in Indian and Western Perspective"--- 21st December,2021 ----- Department of Philosophy

3.   "Parliamentary Procedure"--- 10th March,2022  ---- Department of


1.Health and environment: Exploring the linkages for sustainable Development--- January4,2012

2.Vivekananda: The Nation Builder--- 4th and 5th February,2013

3. RTI: "How has it changed the field for Fact Checker" ---6th february, 2017 --- Department of Journalism

4. "Innovative Methods of Teaching in Higher Education"----23rd May,2017---- Department of Education

5. Importance of yogashan in the Education of School and College going Students" ---17th,18th january,2017

6. Global Education of the 21st Century: Perspective and Challenges"--7th February,2020