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Job opportunities of the subject

Job opportunities of ZOOLOGY

Zoology is an integral part of biology, and involves the study of animals. Knowledge and understanding of biological principles are central to the well-being of human kind, particularly at a time when the pressures of increasing populations and the accompanying industrialization are straining the planet’s ecosystems. In addition there is a heightened awareness of the need to solve health and social problems. Humane and ethical issues must also be addressed. There are few, if any, activities of humans that do not have biological implications, making biology one of the broadest based subject areas. Even if you do not choose to be a classical zoologist your degree may serve you well in careers in industry and commerce. A variety of positions are available for zoologists in service industries such as health care, journalism, broadcasting, planning, law and politics. You can find zoologists employed in the most unexpected places.

Here we present an overview of the types of careers possible for someone with a bachelor’s or higher degree (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) in zoology.

Career Possibilities

Education sector is probably the largest employer of graduates in the zoology. There is a continual demand for educators in schools, colleges, and universities. As well as working as a zoologist, in-depth knowledge of animal sciences and lab and field work equips one for a career in the environmental, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

Apart from Education sector Jobs directly related to zoology degree include:

 Academic researcher

Animal nutritionist


Environmental consultant

Environmental education officer

Marine scientist

Nature conservation officer



Jobs where this degree would be useful:

Environmental manager

Field trials officer

Marine biologist


Research scientist (life sciences)