Vijaygarh jyotish ray college

Affiliated Under University of Calcutta. Registered under 2f & 12B of UGC Act Under Graduate with Post Graduate Courses, Re-Accredited by NAAC (3rd Cycle) (Grade - A); Funded by RUSA; DBT-BOOST, Ranked in NIRF, AISHE

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Job opportunities of the subject

Job opportunities of the subject

Rabindranath Tagore said mother tongue is equivalent to mother's milk (‘মাতৃভাষা মাতৃদুগ্ধের সমতুল্য’).  Bengali language and literature are not separate subjects.  Along with this, the traditions and emotions of the Bengali nation are connected with it.  It can be said with certainty that the main purpose and scope of language and literature lessons is to make the students understand the real language.  And it is from this sense of language that their aesthetics and creativity are born, through which their original and creative work helps them to establish themselves in the world.  Therefore, teaching is the main pillar of Bengali honours level students.  Through which they either become primary teachers or secondary and higher secondary level teachers.  Some students join the teaching profession through research and higher education in this language- through which they become professors.

  There are also courses in drama and acting at the honours level through which some students choose acting as a career.  Being born with proper language skills also gives them opportunities to become journalists, editors and script writers.  We can see many students from our department are employed in various competitive government jobs after graduation.  Some of the students have also taken up proof reading as a profession by learning correct spelling. Few numbers of the  students are also employed as interpreters through actual language learning .