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Job opportunities of the subject

Job Opportunities of The Subject

Careers in education is an interesting Nobel profession . Earning a degree in education is an important first step in becoming a teacher. An education degree can be a stepping stone to a  wide variety of careers in education including education administration counselling or even social work.

A degree in education is an excellent starting point in the career such as guidance counselor school psychologist ,career counselors , Juvenile corrections worker, family counselor, National consultant ,admission recruiter ,  child life specialist.

Actually careers with education degree refer to the training for a specific field job. Alternatively focusing in a subject related to the academy, a student learns the occupation tools through hands- on -training.


Job opportunities in education are multiferous. Jobs directly related to the degree of education...

1. Teacher.. early childhood,primary secondary higher education level

2. Counselor

3. School inspector

4. Community education officer

5. School administrator

6. Education Consultant

7. Education mental health practitioners

8. Distant educators directors managers for ODL

9. Education service provider at non government organisation


The education can be useful

1. Career advisor

2. Child psychotherapist

3. Education psychologist

4. Play therapist

5. Family support worker

6. Lab industry( as sampling data analyst)


Education is basically the process of learning ,facilitating , imparting skills, values ,beliefs and habit etc. It is a very specialised field by which one can build a shining career in his/her life.