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Provisional Merit List Published- B.A./B.Sc/B.Com first semester 2018

Students' AID Fund

Student financial support is one of the major criteria which facilitates the teaching-learning process of the college. We have been trying to stand by the side of the SC/ST students and the students from economically backward classes by way of assistance – both financial and academic. The role of the Students' Union in identifying these poor students is appreciable. Students who are economically and socially handicapped are provided with the financial support from "Students' Aid Fund" of the College and Government stipend for SC/ST/OBC students. The college forwards the official forms duly filled up by the SC/ST/OBC students for their academic stipends to the State Government. The Government sends us the data and the allocated stipend from time to time . For the last few years it is noticed that with the expansion of the college, the number of students availing financial assistance in the form of free studentships and Government stipend for SC/ST/OBC categories has also increased.