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Online Admission 2018-2019
University of Calcutta centralized admission for M.Sc in Microbiology 2018-19 in Vijaygarh Jyotish Ray College

Department of Physics

Introduced in 1967 as a General course and later upgraded into Honours course in 2002, the department is managed by the duly qualified and experienced teachers (7) to serve the interest of the students. The department deploys novel teaching techniques ranging from the traditional to the audio-visual to help the students to cope with the changing curriculum. Apart from regular class teaching students are privileged to access the upgraded laboratory and the reasonably well-stocked departmental library. Students are also encouraged to organize seminars and publish wall-magazine. Once they complete graduation they move up for higher studies and join R&D related industries.

Albert Einstein

Head of the Department

Other Faculty Members

Sri Debashis Chatterjee M.Sc., Asso. Prof.

Sri Surajit Sarkar, M.Sc., Asst. Prof.
Sri Swapan Das, Ph.D., Guest Lecturer
Sri Sujit Nandy, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Sri Sudip Kr Deb Roy, M.E., Guest Lecturer
Sri Gairik Saha, M.Sc., M.Tech. , Guest Lecturer
Sri Biswajit Das, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Sri Satya Narayan Ghosh, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Sri Angshutosh Khan, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Smt. Jui Chatterjee, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Sri Sudipranjan Bagchi Dewan, B.Sc. (GLI)