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Online Admission 2018-2019
University of Calcutta centralized admission for M.Sc in Microbiology 2018-19 in Vijaygarh Jyotish Ray College

Department of Microbiology

Introduced in 2000 both as a General and Honours course, the department of Microbiology since then has received a tremendous response from students which led the department to open the Postgraduate course in 2005. Ably manned by duly qualified, dynamic teachers (7 Permanent full-time teachers, 11 Guest lecturers and 2 Visiting faculty members), with sufficient research experience accompanied by publications in peer reviewed journal, the department is oriented to the emerging trends in the theoretical and technological world. Students benefiting from a well-equipped laboratory and well-stocked and updated departmental library can access the materials they need to perform with excellence. Not only in the field of higher studies of research but also in the area of industry, the students of the department are visible. The department also conducts regular research programme (PhD) which the students of the department can access. As a mark of recognition for the role played by the department, the Department of Higher Education, West Bengal, has recently awarded the department with Boost Programme 2017.

Louis Pasteur

Head of the Department

Other Faculty Members

Dr Prasenjit Das, Ph.D., Asst. Prof.

Smt. Gargi Saha Kesh, Ph.D., Asst. Prof.
Smt. Sampa Debnath, Ph.D., Asst. Prof.
Dr. Saswati Gayen, Ph.D., Asst. Prof.
Dr. Shilajit Barua, Ph.D., Asst. Prof.
Smt. Arpita Das, Ph.D., Contractual Whole Time Teacher
Sri Arun Roy, Ph.D., Contractual Whole Time Teacher
Smt. Anindya Bhattacharya, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Smt. Upasana Basu, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Smt. Ananya Sarkar, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Sri Samidh Sankar Chakraborty, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Smt. Sampali Banerjee, Ph.D., Guest Lecturer
Sri Mainak Bose, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Sri Dibyakanti Mandal, Ph.D., Guest Lecturer
Smt. Nilanjana Banerjee, Ph.D., Guest Lecturer
Smt. Debapriya Paul, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer
Smt. Bidisha De, Ph.D., Guest Lecturer
Smt. Priyanjana Chaudhuri, M.Sc., Guest Lecturer