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Online Admission 2018-2019
University of Calcutta centralized admission for M.Sc in Microbiology 2018-19 in Vijaygarh Jyotish Ray College

Department of Economics

Introduced in 1951 as a General course, the department of Economics took it upon itself to upgrade into the Honours course in 2001, in response to the demands of students. The faculty is ably managed by the duly qualified and experienced teachers (2) with research experience accompanied by publications. The faculty is led by innovative ways to engage the students both in the day to day teaching and practical ways of thinking and solving problems. The innovative approach has proved productive not only in the academic performance of its students but also in the subsequent placement in the job market.

Amartya Sen

Head of the Department

Other Faculty Members

Sri Abhijit Das, Ph.D., Asst. Prof.

Smt. Palaspriya Halder, M.Sc., Asst. Prof.