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Online Admission 2018-2019
University of Calcutta centralized admission for M.Sc in Microbiology 2018-19 in Vijaygarh Jyotish Ray College

PG Department

Department of Microbiology ( Post Graduate Course ) [AUTONOMOUS]

Vijaygarh Jyotish Ray College offers Post Graduate Course in Microbiology as an Autonomous Department, with the status of autonomy sanctioned by the University of Calcutta. This course runs in the department as per guidelines stated in CSR9/05 dated07.03.2005 at the University of Calcutta notification and the course sanctioning memo no. 2128 issued by the Secretary, Faculty Council of Post Graduate Studies in Science, Engineering and Technology, Agriculture and Veterinary Science, University Of Calcutta. The admission rules of the University of Calcutta are strictly followed during admission process. Also the course covers the syllabi of that of the University Of Calcutta. The Post Graduate Department is enriched with renowned persons from various scientific institutions like Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, IPGME&R and many more, other than our regular whole time teachers of the department. In accordance to the above CSR9/05, the college authority appoints paper setters, moderators, examiners, re-examiners (where required) and finally publishes the results of the final examinations with the issuance of mark sheets to the candidates of the P.G. Examinations for Semester-I, Semester-II, Semester-III and Semester-IV. However, the M.Sc. Degree Certificate is issued by the Vice-Chancellor of the University Of Calcutta. All the successful candidates of the Semester-IV Examination are eligible for applying for further studies in national and international levels.

Louis Pasteur


Status of the department : Autonomous, sanctioned by the University of Calcutta
Date of Establishment : 07.03.2005
Admission System : The Admission Rule of the University of Calcutta
Syllabus : According to the syllabus of University of Calcutta
Examination System : Semester (I, II, III & IV) systems
Student Intake Capacity : 37
No. of Books (Seminar Library) : 467

Present Teaching Staff

Controller Of Examination

Sri Amalendu Mazumder, Ph.D. , Asst. Prof. (Dept. of Education)

Official Staff

Basudev Pal

Laboratory Attendant

Sri Dilip Karmakar